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Litmos Training Ops Learning Management System: Recurring Revenue for You, Greater Value for Your Customers

Transforming training management is what we’re all about

What do HP, Ariba, Synopsys, Abbott and many other companies have in common when it comes to training? As you’ve probably guessed, the Litmos Training Ops learning management system (LMS). And the reason?

Because our cloud-based LMS, 24x7 services are all about one thing: Training as a profitable business, delivered your way.

Founded in 1999 by leaders in the software and training management industries, Litmos Training Ops LMS was created with one goal in mind: Enable customers to monetize their investment in training, with solutions that customize to their businesses – while adding value to their services to customers.

And the results for our customers – and theirs – have been remarkable. Today, Litmos Training Ops’s LMS mission is fulfilled and affirmed every day by training organizations around the world – organizations who serve industry leaders ranging from software, servers and networking to security, information services and clean technology.

From highly-specialized software boutiques to Fortune 500 enterprises, Litmos Training Ops LMS customers benefit from a solution that not only pioneered on-demand SaaS training – but continues to lead the way in terms of innovation, service and attention to that most important detail of all: Your business.

How it all works for you

Litmos Training Ops’s self-service web-based platform is highly configurable – use just the learning management modules you need and brand them the way you choose. Designed specifically to automate time-consuming manual training administration and to maximize training participation, the Litmos Training Ops LMS suite contains tools for before, during and after course delivery.

Support for training management course delivery workflow includes:

  • Before: Schedule and publish course lists, course marketing, registration and payment, workflow and email reminders/confirmations
  • During: Live in-classroom, live at third party site, live virtual classroom, webinars, podcasts, recorded and archived courses, and self-paced e-learning
  • After: Student surveys, certifications, revenue reporting and reconciliation, CRM/ERP integration, and cross-sell / up-sell marketing