Training as a Business

Build a profitable training and certification business by automating manual processes and reducing administrative costs with Litmos Commerce's LMS

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Profitable Training with the Litmos Commerce Learning Management System

The Litmos Training Ops Learning Management System (LMS) transforms training organizations from cost centers into profit centers. As a web-based training management solution it is available 24/7 online and on-demand – no investment in hardware, software, maintenance or support required. Enabling you to treat your customer and partner training as a business. Litmos Training Ops's LMS implements rapidly and immediately begins generating more revenue from your training programs.

Manage the business side of external training as effectively as the educational

Our extended enterprise training management solutions enable your training organization to be a vital contributor to corporate revenue goals. It automates business processes and administrative tasks, streamlines the education of internal and external audiences, accelerating profits and raises customer satisfaction. With it you can achieve:

  • Higher attendance and greater LMS training revenues through targeted and timely communications, automated registration and confirmation and training management best practices.
  • Continuous training improvement through pre- and post-training polling and surveys, sophisticated tracking and reporting and business analysis tools.
  • Reduced training management costs through streamlined, automated handling of event administration and logistics including registration, virtual or in-person seat reservation, payment and reimbursement.
  • Improved visibility of training’s business impact, plus compliance data to meet regulatory requirements through automated tracking and reporting.
  • Better training business management with features that help you track and report on schedule-level expenses and vendor costs – including POs, invoices and related costs.
  • Superior student relationship building through branded registration and communication and event-based polling and surveying.
  • Rapid return-on-investment since the Litmos Training Ops LMS can be deployed in a matter of weeks with a small investment.

Litmos Commerce LMS Solutions

Certification Management

Litmos Commerce's certification management feature gives you a complete solution for establishing certification paths, courses and requirements monitoring. It automatically tracks attendance and course completion, provides an instant overview of pending certifications and automatically awards certificates. Learn more »

Subscription Management

The subscription management feature enables you to easily package libraries of courses to sell to your customers on a subscription basis. Typically known as “learning passes,” such subscriptions function as licenses that give learners the choice of viewing all, or some, of the courses offered. Learn More »

Voucher Management

Litmos Commerce's training voucher management automates the voucher life cycle. Providing flexible, scalable, solutions that increase your operating efficiency, its services let you focus resources on profitable and more strategic issues and with the peace of mind of knowing that voucher usage is completely transparent. Learn More »

Revenue Recognition

The Litmos Commerce LMS provides powerful features for managing training revenue. First, determine with your finance team which rules apply to revenue recognition of registration fees. Then just point and click to define and apply those rules within Litmos Commerce! And once you define your rules, the system automatically updates the registration records each night. Learn More »

LMS classromm module


Concentrate on instruction, not administration

Litmos Commerce’s LMS Classroom module delivers the benefits of both traditional classroom-style training and the convenience and service of online event management. It provides scheduling wizards, calendar picking and easy-to-use drop down menus for consistent and accurate course registrations. And it makes detailed course descriptions, locations and contact information readily available to course personnel and attendees. Like all Litmos Commerce LMS modules, Classroom is highly scalable and can be utilized for a single event or a full catalog of current and archived tutorial content.

Handles everything from online registration and payment to directions

The Litmos Commerce LMS Classroom module also includes local interest links, calendar syncing and waitlist management. Customizable marketing tools let you conduct scalable training, pre-class surveys for determining interest and knowledge levels and post-class evaluations that capture immediate and critical feedback. Key features include:

  • 24/7 online registration and administration support
  • Automated course creation, scheduling and removal
  • Instructor scheduling and conflict checking
  • Facility scheduling and conflict checking
  • Equipment scheduling and conflict checking
  • Automated wait listing and cancellation
  • Support for private on-site classes
  • Local amenities, such as hotels and parking
  • Payments and e-Commerce
  • Class expense tracking
  • Customizable marketing tools
  • Robust reporting and data exports
LMS virtual classroom module


Training delivered via web conferencing

The Litmos Commerce LMS vClassroom module, delivers extensive and personalized training without instructors having to engage in expensive travel. The web-based conferencing solution lets your company cost-effectively train customers, partners and employees from the comfort of your office – or home office. vClassroom automates event registration and manages all the details of your virtual classroom programs: from min/max attendance to followup replays for those unable to attend. Plus pre- and post-event polling provides a clear measure of each module’s effectiveness. Highly scalable, it can be utilized for a single event or a full catalog of current and archived tutorial content. Key features include:

  • 24/7 online self-registration and administration
  • Automated course creation, scheduling and removal
  • Individual and group registrations
  • Automated wait listing and cancellation
  • Configurable, macro-driven automated email communications
  • Payments and e-Commerce
  • International localization


Self-paced learning, managed and delivered automatically

Litmos Commerce's LMS eLearning module provides self-paced, on-demand training to customers, partners, employees and students anywhere in the world – making it easy for you to accommodate multiple topics in multiple time zones. With multi-lingual content options and customizable registration fields, eLearning can train all your targeted markets and automate the management of all of your instruction programs – including new product introductions, customer and partner training, and new hire education. Easily create a virtual library of on-demand training tutorials – along with blended training curriculums featuring learning tracks, prerequisite coursework, regulatory compliance programs and soft skills certification. Ideal for managing training programs for people who are constrained by time and location, eLearning’s key features include support for:

  • Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) – ensures that all file packages are easily transferred and supported on multiple platforms
  • Self-paced and on-demand training
  • Multilingual content options
  • Customizable registration fields
  • Regulatory compliance programs
  • Soft skills certification
LMS replay recorded class on demand module


Reduce your training budget by reusing your existing media

Litmos Commerce's LMS OnDemand module streamlines the management and reuse of your media – lowering costs and reducing your training budget. With it, you can easily post recorded events such as webinars online – and manage, track and measure recorded web-based training and other company events just as easily. Secure, OnDemand enables you to control access to media via domain blocking. And it can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with Litmos Commerce's vConference and vClassroom. Key features include:

  • Automatic management, tracking and measurement of recorded web-based training
  • Easy repurposing of content to maximize existing materials
  • Control over resource access
  • Flexibility: OnDemand can be combined with other Litmos Commerce LMS solutions or used alone